Back To Nature

January 05, 2011, 2010   |   Practical Web Design

One of the most common patterns in web page design is the use of nature. The employment of nature-themed elements has many uses and purposes. Perhaps the most common is to set a relaxing and reassuring mood or atmosphere for the site. - Read More >>

Twitter Haters

January 03, 2011   |   Practical Web Design

Why is it, then, that many of us become upset by the idea of Twitter? One friend whose recently started using it told me that he felt he’d lost some kind of battle when he gave into it. Why the fight? - Read More >>

Using Icons in Design

March 15, 2010   |   Practical Web Design

The use of icons in design has a far reaching history, so it should come as no surprise to find these clever media for rapid communication used in web design - Read More >>

Measuring SEO Success

March 15, 2010   |   Practical Web Design

But how do you go about measuring that success? Should you be looking at search engine rankings? Traffic, Page views, or something else? - Read More >>

Focus on Events Sites

March 8, 2010   |   Practical Web Design

Your design needs to create a clear brand for the event, distinguishing it clearly form other, similar ones. It must convey why it is critical that everyone in the industry attends it - Read More >>

Blog Design

March 8, 2010

Do not feel stifled by the rules of blog design, think about what it is that your visitor really wants. Blogs have become about as integrated into the mainstream as its possible to be - Read More >>

2009 .net magazine Awards

January 2, 2010   |   Practical Web Design

This year's .net Awards has created a buzz like never before, with nominees, fans and the industry at large blogging and Tweeting like crazy and a record-breaking 60,826 votes being cast - Read More >>

Creative Commons License

October 13, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

It simply means that you will have to give attribution to the best of your ability with the information you do have. Generally speaking, this implies four things: - Read More >>

Ausie World Cup Soccer Bid

October 13, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

If the decision of who will host the FIFA World Cup in 2018 or 2022 was down to who had the best website, then our money is on Australia. This gorgeous CSS-driven website manages to pack a punch - Read More >>

Firefox - 1 Billion Downloads

October 13, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

Firefox, the browser of choice for many web designers, recently went past the 1 billion download mark. This is impressive work for a browser that only made its debut back in November 2004. - Read More >>

Be As Good A You Can Be

July 1, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

In a rapidly evolving search industry, it's easy to get caught up with the latest fad and even easier to fork out for sponsored pay-per-click advertising for terms that, with a little time and effort - Read More >>

IE8 Crashes The Browser Party

April 28, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

Microsoft's not taking the launch of Chrome lying down, with promising new features like Crash Recovery and private browsing for for the final IE8 - Read More >>

Getting Indexed Faster by SERP's

April 28, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

The greater the amount of relevant and fresh content that's on a website, the greater the chance of search engines providing results that enable people to find your site - Read More >>

Chrome Sweet Chrome

April 28, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Google has brought us Chrome, a stripped-down approach to the web browser that's designed for just one thing: speed. Or two things, if you include Google's ongoing quest for world domination. - Read More >>

Calling Time on IE6

April 28, 2009   |   Practical Web Design

Clearly, IE7 can't be shunned: not supporting the current version of Microsoft's market-leading browser would be a crazy move. However, with its predecessor now approaching its eighth birthday - positively ancient in software terms - Read More >>