Blog Design

Do not feel stifled by the rules of blog design, think about what it is that your visitor really wants. Blogs have become about as integrated into the mainstream as its possible to be. Along the way, many formats and common practices have emerged. In an effort to inject some new thought, and fresh life into this heavily saturated niche. I would like to look at some blogs that have put their own spin on these traditional assumptions.

As with any patters or best practice, it can be wise to follow the industry norms and standards. But sometimes these notions of what is right can cloud our ability to think on other ways, such as using unusual structures or just being simpler. One of the most obvious ways to keep the user in mind is to simplify things. Blog designs have become very heavy and many layout formulas enable you to browse the same content in multiple way, such as by using tags, categories and calendars. I would suggest picking the single best way to navigate your blogs particular material and flowing that path through. If your content is intended to be timely, then use a calendar. If it is topically focused, use tags. Do not leave this up the user, but look at your website through their eyes and think about how they might want to view it. Another common assumption that bloggers make is how the overall layout should look banner across the top , a block of square ads on the right , a list of links to the archive , and so on. Sure, it can be helpful for the user if you follow this formula, but all too often we overestimate the value of our content. For example, I use twitter, but I do not think anyone is going to want to dissect and dig through the history of my tweets. Instead, the most recent ones are all that matter-beyond that it is just old news.


1) On a husband and wife blog side by side. It is a great idea to hear from two people who share a life but have distinct view on it. Ignoring the typical blog layout formula, the page is split down the middle and coloured pink and blue accordingly a design that reflects the concept perfectly


2) French fashion site okami.frblogen follows many of the blogging norms , but has been refined in a sleek , minimalistic style. A clean design makes the content stand out.


3) A blogging platform for young American conservatives,the presents a incredibly simple and clear flow of content. It is a refreshing approach in an arena that can often be impossibly convoluted.


4) In sharp contrast, Elite by Design is intended to be an archive of design tutorials, inspiration and resources, so its categories make perfect sense. Dates do not matter here, so the typical monthly archive is pleasantly absent.


5) Interface designer and icon artist Mike Matas blog, is a perfect demonstration of the notion that less if far more. This beautiful flow of photographic imagery just makes you want o scroll and scroll. Thank goodness it is not cluttered with lists of links.