Firefox Passes 1 Billion Downloads

Firefox, the browser of choice for many web designers, recently went past the 1 billion download mark. This is impressive work for a browser that only made its debut back in November 2004. The Mozilla web browser has been slowly and consistently eating in to Internet Explorer's market share and now boasts around eight per cent of the browser market.

This is a remarkable achievement considering that Firefox is not tied into an operating system like its main competitor. The rise in popularity is demonstrated by Firefox 3.5 which was released in 75 languages, currently more than any other browser.

To commemorate and celebrate the billion download success, Mozilla has designed and developed its very own website, This will act as a hub of information about the 1 billion downloads and beyond. Visitors will find a link to the latest version of Firefox, just in case they don't have it already, and the thoughts of many on why it has been so successful. Plus, there is a list of interesting 1 billion facts that can be posted directly to a Twitter account. With an expanding community of users and developers our favorite web browser only looks set to get better and better.


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