Marketing - How It Is Done

SEO friendly designs are important to ensure that your website can be spidered and indexed by search engines. As such we make use of correct website design techniques right from the start. Search engine optimisation shouldn't be an afterthought, but should form part of the website design.

Applications such as Cascading Style Sheets for instance, ensure a consistent look and feel to the website, but also ensure fast loading of pages. This of course is essential not only for user friendliness, but also for search engines. In addition the usage of the correct markup language and error free XHTML or HTML pages with minimum or no tables because of CSS enables us to provide SEO friendly designs.

Keyword prominence is embedded rather than waiting until the whole site is designed and then to add keyword enriched content as add-on pages. Sites without tables are more search engine friendly and since we also ensure the correct order of code to promote better spidering by the bots, the client gets a website that is ready for submission and online marketing. Careful consideration is given to the lay-out, sitemaps, coding, and all elements that fit into the category of SEO friendly designs.

Some considerations such as browser compatibility, the way that specific elements load, accessibility, navigation, and more may not strike you as being part of optimisation. We have however; found that if the above considerations are made that the client site will perform better at search engines. Even when it comes to Web 2.0 applications, we never compromise the online marketability of the client site.

We balance the HTML text with graphics according to the taste of the audience whilst keeping to the W3C standards for accessibility. Just as too many graphics can hinder search engine ranking, too few will render a site dull and uninviting. With our expertise we can assure that your site will still perform well even if large parts are in Flash on request. We balance search engine optimised site design with the needs of the audience, creating the best possible combination to perform well on the Internet. Contact us to discuss the possibilities of SEO friendly designs for your company or personal website.