How Branding Companies Play Their Vital Role

With the growing competition in all of today’s markets, branding companies are playing a very important part in developing the public image of businesses and in helping them to gain market share. Advances in internet technology and a huge growth in the number of web users have now made it necessary to assist in their online efforts also. So what exactly is it that these companies do for their clients and what should you, as a prospective client, be checking out when you are trying to find the best agency to create and/or manage your brand?

To begin with, branding companies need to offer quite a wide range of skills in order to meet both the creative and design requirements of a client’s campaign as well as handling the mechanics of its marketing component. While appearances are obviously very important, they can offer little of value unless they are visible to the right people.

The distinction between the brand development process and advertising is often quite blurred and easily misunderstood. Where advertising aims largely to promote the sale of products, brand management is aimed mainly at building an image.

Branding companies may be called upon to address the overall corporate image of a business such as a bank, a firm of attorneys or an insurance company, but it may equally be called upon to promote a new product to the status of a brand. Today, for instance, any reference to a “Big Mac” or a “Quarter Pounder” will immediately evoke the image of the fast food giant, McDonalds.

The power of a brand can be amazing. It is quite incredible that, thanks to the past efforts of some capable branding company, so many people today still refer to their domestic vacuum cleaner as a Hoover regardless of its actual manufacturer. There are many other instances too that further serve to confirm the potential power of a well-chosen brand, when professionally promoted.

Don’t Forget the Power of Visuals

Few are likely to think about either of the two burger meals mentioned earlier without simultaneously visualising the two golden arches that together form the stylised M of the chain’s famous logo that is so much a part of the McDonalds brand. Branding companies specialise in this kind of creativity that can add so much visual impact to a brand. While still talking convenience foods, who could ever see the image of Colonel Sanders without thinking of fried chicken? As for that distinctive rainbow striped apple with the missing bite (or is that byte?), while still representing what most graphic artists regard as the best performing computers ever, it is now synonymous with iPods, iPhones and, most recently, iPads as well.

Logos should express a company’s culture and ideals, and one branding company in Pretoria has, over the years, shown itself to be expert not only in the creation of imaginative and iconic designs but also in the use of the various marketing tools that are required for their successful propagation. PauseBreak, for more than eight years, has been helping to build the brands of numerous local companies both on the ground and in the growing virtual marketplace that is the internet.

Among the agency’s greatest strength is a young and dynamic creative team with the vision and insight so important to branding companies. Apart from its visibly exceptional creative talents, the team is very client-focussed and much of its efforts during any project are dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of the business whose brand it is commissioned to promote. Only after an extensive study of the client’s values, products and services and the benefits they offer, will the first elements of the concept be drafted and from this point forward, the exercise becomes one of continuous collaboration, not just between the team’s members but with the client also.

While many branding companies appear to overlook the importance of a close liaison with the client, PauseBreak attributes its many successes to the agency’s totally customer-centric policy.

While the image of any brand must be promoted and perpetuated on the ground through various print-media, the virtual marketplace is becoming ever more important and maintaining a consistent image in cyberspace is now a mandatory requirement to retain credibility. Failure in this area could easily identify a company as dated and out of touch.

Designing and building attractive, accessible and interactive websites is now a vital role of branding companies and one that PauseBreak has mastered to perfection.