The Intricate Art Of Corporate Branding

Actually, as much of a science as an art, corporate branding has become vitally important in today’s huge and intensely competitive marketplace. Where once just a few brands tended to monopolise the billboards, newspaper ads and radio commercials, the advent of the new mass medium of television and, more recently, the internet, has since led to tens of thousands of company’s eagerly competing to raise their national and/or international visibility.

Few companies now leave this task to their marketing managers who, instead, normally liaise with professional image-makers and specialists in corporate branding such as PauseBreak.

The precise nature of the task will vary considerably according to the medium that is to be employed and today’s marketers need to be familiar with them all. A recognised expert in the field of print media may have little or no experience of online marketing and vice versa, yet it may well prove unwise to ignore either of these media when aspiring to promote your brand to the full.

Clearly then, versatility is an absolutely essential quality of any effective corporate branding company.

How does a company like PauseBreak set about raising its clients’ visibility? Both the high street and the internet are likely to be packed with businesses offering very similar products and services so, getting noticed is definitely going to require some tangible competitive edge or a unique sales proposition of some kind. Finding such a hook and exploiting its potential to the full is a task at which our in-depth knowledge and years of experience of corporate branding have enabled us to excel.

The Continued Importance of Print Media

The power of print media shouldn’t be underestimated in this predominantly electronic age. A company’s image should be reflected through as many channels as possible and this begins with the most mundane items such as business cards, letterheads and other stationery items. The layout of these simple items can convey strength, warmth, trust and reliability when handled professionally or aloofness and indifference when not.

Despite the trend to electronic media, in corporate branding, it’s worth remembering that there are still many consumers who prefer something tangible that can be popped into a pocket and referred to at will, perhaps on a commuter train or in a taxi, so printed flyers, brochures and newsletters can prove to be highly effective.

An Internet Presence is No Longer Optional

With more than 70% of the US public already shopping online, a website is becoming as important to South African companies as their PABX making the internet a powerful stage for corporate branding. The process of gaining visibility on the web involves a number of distinct stages. The first of these is arriving at the design concept. The PauseBreak creative team work collectively to identify the design that most effectively conveys its client’s image whilst having a strong visual appeal to visitors.

The remaining steps are mainly focused on ensuring the site enjoys sufficient volumes of quality, targeted traffic and among the most important of these is to make it both visitor and search engine-friendly. For successful corporate branding both the ease with which its content can be accessed and its usefulness to the potential client will be important to retain visitors long enough for them to take some desired action such as registering for a newsletter, lodging a product enquiry or even placing an online order. In a well-managed campaign much of the targeted traffic will come via backlinks to busy sites that complement or support the client’s core business.

Social Networks Too

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter attract millions of visitors daily and are arenas in which the experienced online marketing team at PauseBreak has been able to gain a lot of attention on behalf of its clients.

The art of corporate branding is evolving dramatically but PauseBreak continues to keep its clients one step ahead.