Next Time Hire A Corporate Events Photographer

Ever had a major corporate event recorder by an amateur photographer? Were the results really worth the little money you saved? Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to use a professional whose sole focus is to identify those special moments and record them for posterity, rather than leaving it to a participant or someone with other matters to distract him or her?

The cost of holding a sales conference or a team building session can be quite substantial so it makes sense to capture the memory of these important corporate events. A professional photographer is able to ensure that the highlights and even the lowlights of these extra special occasions don’t simply fade into obscurity with the passage of time and the migration of staff.

Far from simply comprising a pictorial record, a photographic collection can serve to chronicle all of the important stages in a company’s evolution and can serve as an important tool in helping to develop that much sought-after sense of corporate unity within the ranks.

Hiring a corporate events photographer to cover these occasions can also provide a company with an excellent public relations opportunity. Published in a newsletter to clients, some selected scenes from a training course could do wonders to convey the image of a progressive and driven company striving for excellence while, internally, they could also serve as a reminder of the company’s commitment to career development for all.

In hiring a professional to undertake the task, one guarantees quality and quality digital images can be worth infinitely more than their cost. The truly professional corporate events photographer will be constantly on the alert for any photo opportunities that may be exploited to a client’s best advantage. This might involve their inclusion in a print media campaign, an email marketing exercise or a Facebook fan page as appropriate both to the company and the selected images.

By now it must be apparent that capturing the spirit of any occasion involves far more than pointing a lens and shooting whatever grabs your attention. The role of the skilled corporate events photographer is actually a far more creative one. It begins with some detailed questioning to gain a clear overview of the programme content, its main objectives and its potential value to the company and staff as well as absorbing something of the company culture. Armed with this, the next step will be to identify the most significant happenings and plan a shoot that will highlight these while simultaneously capturing the spirit and ambience of the given event and its venue.

Sometimes the corporate events photographer may be called upon to make a video recording of an event. In such cases, the briefing stage is likely to prove even more critical. In the case of a conference with multiple speakers, for instance, some good production skills will be required and there may be a need for more than one camera to cover close ups and differing angles. Normally multiple cameras may be operated remotely by a single operator with a control console.

The task of the corporate events photographer then moves to the post-production phase. During this stage, all of the filmed footage will be reviewed in detail and the best sequences will then be compiled into a coherent and visually pleasing final cut.

Anyone that has attempted to make a video recording of a wedding or a child’s birthday party, will appreciate the demands and the difficulties involved and, in most cases, will probably not be too keen on making any future attempt. In practice, even still photography can prove to be a daunting task when exceptionally high quality results are called for.

A good eye, a steady hand and some good equipment may be a good start but, most of all, some sound previous experience is invaluable so look for a professional corporate events photographer.