Mobile Web Development Brings New Opportunities

Surprisingly, mobile web development is far from being a new concept and access to the internet via a cellular phone was first offered on a commercial basis as far back as 1996. This took the form of a special web-enabled phone, the 9000 Communicator, designed by the Finnish company, Nokia, a pioneer in mobile phone technology. At this stage access was direct to the internet and it took a further 3 years before the first service, specifically designed for use with a mobile browser, was released.

The science of mobile web development, at that stage, had not reached the degree of sophistication and reliability offered today and the improvement appears to have paid off handsomely. In 2008, and for the first time, the number of users that accessed the internet from mobile devices was actually greater than the number connecting by means of the more traditional desktop computer. The trend has been a continuing one and the race to develop more and more opportunities to exploit this new communications phenomenon is now in full swing.

In short, mobile web development is with us to stay and is certain to be playing an increasingly important role in the way we live our lives and conduct our business in future years. Certainly, as people find themselves compelled to travel more often for business or commuting purposes, any worthwhile mobile device will need to provide far more than voice communication and text messages.

Perhaps one of the most obvious sign of the growing use of cellular phones to access cyberspace has been the introduction of the new top-level .mobi domain. Recognising mobile web development as among the most rapidly growing internet-related technologies, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Nokia and Vodafone formed a consortium for the express purpose of sponsoring this important new domain.

During its initial stages much of the content provided to mobile devices took the form of lightweight pages that were developed using Wireless Markup Language (WML) or Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) but most of the newer devices are no longer limited to handling such basic content.

Providing an Important New e-Commerce Opportunity

Much of today’s mobile web development has focussed on its commercial prospects. Being internet based, smart phones, tablet PCs and the like are an ideal means by which to market and instantly deliver digital products such as music, video movies and games. The latest statistics suggest that music downloads have earned their suppliers more than 9.3 billion Dollars with other products such as videogames, news, horoscopes and adult entertainment accounting for a further 5 billion. Clearly this is one important product within the rapidly expanding field of mobile web development that definitely cannot be ignored.

Are the PC’s Days Numbered?

Where once a cell phone simply provided a convenient alternative to a modem in order to connect a desktop or laptop computer to the internet, these devices are now largely independent and are well able to perform many of the functions that were previously the sole domain of the PC.

Programmes such as mobile Microsoft Office can be run on phones that support the Windows operating system while other platforms, some of them open source and many from lesser-known mobile web development companies, offer similar spreadsheet and word processing applications.
The Gaming Market Offers Huge Potential

Many companies have concentrated on developing fast gaming environments to support not just games for entertainment purposes but also virtual slot machine play and card games like poker and blackjack as well as table games like roulette. These connect directly to online casinos and can be played for money allowing punters to pay stakes and withdraw winnings through an online account.

One recent addition to the portfolio of amazing mobile web developments has been creating a sensation among the world’s model aircraft enthusiasts. This smart app not only allows a remotely controlled helicopter to be operated from the keypad of your mobi but also allows live video footage from either of the mini chopper’s two on-board cameras to be displayed on its screen to provide owners with the perfect first-person piloting experience. Topless sunbathers beware – this apparent toy also performs very well as a remote surveillance device.

New apps are appearing almost daily. Handy translation programmes that even assist users with the correct pronunciation, local weather forecasting, currency converters that access up-to-the-minute exchange rates to perform their calculations are just a few of the awesome offerings made possible by the versatile new science of mobile web development.