Online Branding Ideas For The Virtual Marketplace

In essence, all online branding ideas have just two goals – get recognition and get lots of it. That may sound like something of an oversimplification since it is also necessary to define the nature of the recognition that a company is seeking yet, in most cases, it is nothing more than a desire to build a brand that is instantly trusted; a household name if you like.

Although the implementation may be different, the principles of establishing a brand in the virtual world are little different from those required on the high street.

Online branding ideas involve, among other activities, the creation and promotion of certain fixed elements. These may include a company or product name, a logo, a tagline or slogan, certain graphic images and even the consistent use of distinctive corporate colours. Each of these elements is likely to be as important to a company’s image in cyberspace as it is to its credibility in the real world.

The principal vehicle for promoting a brand via the internet is, of course, the company website and many of the online branding ideas can be implemented on its pages. Displaying the company logo and corporate colours liberally together with any registered trademarks must be one of the first steps in the process of establishing a company’s visual identity.

For the established company wishing to add an internet presence, these elements will already be well-known and thus for consistency, one of the most important qualities of a brand and one that engenders trust, it is important to reinforce them through the website.

A Unique Chance for Start-up Companies

Forming online branding ideas for a new company offers a unique opportunity to build the desired image for both its physical operation and its internet arm, in tandem, and from scratch. In such cases, it may be advisable to seek the help of a specialised internet marketing company. In Pretoria, PauseBreak has been successfully building the virtual images of the city’s companies, both large and small, for more than 8 years and is well recognised for its innovative handling of its clients’ brands.

PauseBreak’s creative team is never short of powerful online branding ideas and has accumulated a large portfolio of successful and happy clients with which to back up its claims. Many of these clients were faced with the task of developing a completely new brand and, despite limited budgets, were able gain the recognition needed to establish a working internet presence.

Defining the concept behind the brand is the starting point and creativity, combined with a thorough understating of the goals and aspirations of the client, is the key to success. Among the various online branding ideas, a tagline or catchphrase, chosen with care, can make a brand instantly recognisable.

Whether or not you were a fan of the Joshua Doore product, it is unlikely that you will ever forget that “you have an uncle in the furniture business” or the Shoprite promise of “Lower prices you can always trust”. One slogan now embraced by multiple companies with great success and designed to generate national loyalty was embodied in just three words – “Proudly South African”.

Choosing the Right Medium
Online branding ideas may be confined mainly to the website or embrace other electronic marketing media as appropriate. On the website, the use of registration to receive special discounts and news of new products has proved, for many companies, to be an extremely effective way of building strong brand loyalty.

However, much of today’s younger web traffic is to be found on busy social network sites like Facebook and Twitter and these have become important forums in which to expose and develop a brand and just one of the online branding ideas that innovative marketing companies such as PauseBreak have been quick to exploit on behalf of its clients.

The mobile phone now offers an important new market opportunity and is no longer confined to youth but is also well supported by many busy professionals of all ages that are constantly on the move.

Today’s smart phones are highly versatile and even most standard cellular phones now support email, video SMS and MMS technologies. Marketing efforts are increasingly being conducted via these media in order to improve brand awareness and even websites are being designed with mobile compatibility in mind.

As internet technology advances, even more online branding ideas will emerge and PauseBreak will remain at the cutting age to meet its client’s marketing needs.