Professional Photo Editing Aid Pretoria Businesses

Cropping, tinting, sharpening and re-sizing are just some of the photo editing tasks Pretoria businesses and companies across Gauteng are likely to require on a regular basis. In practice, however any service provider worthy of the name should be capable of providing a far more extensive and creative portfolio of services and, at least some of the simpler tasks are now commonly performed in-house giving the widespread availability of cheap and simple software packages developed for home and small business use.

When the requirements become more demanding, however, and when advanced skills and creative flair are called for, photo editing in Pretoria and everywhere else is definitely a task that is best allocated to one of the experienced professionals such as PauseBreak.

Branding, advertising and marketing, whether online or through one of the various print media, rely quite extensively on the visual impact created by the skilled graphic artist. Where once artwork was drawn from scratch or produced by modification of clipart to adapt it to the task in hand, digital cameras now provide the starting point from which to create stunning photo-realistic designs with some skillful photo editing.  In Pretoria, many businesses are now able to attest to the power of this type of material developed for them by the talented creative team at PauseBreak.

Image manipulation falls in to two main categories normally described as technical retouching and creative retouching. The former involves just simple adjustments aimed at improving the technical quality of an image and could include removing flaws, conventionally achieved by airbrushing, and adjusting its sharpness or contrast and perhaps a photo’s colour or white balance.

Creative retouching better describes the nature of the photo editing that Pretoria companies such as PauseBreak are most often called upon to perform. By separating a digital image into its component elements, for instance, the graphic artist is able to remove existing elements or to add new ones at will as well as to operate on any of the individual elements so as to modify it or to create one of hundreds of possible special effects.

Anyone tempted to try some of these more dramatic image manipulations should be aware that mastering the skilled use of these advanced photo editing techniques, whether in Pretoria or London, will involve a steep learning curve. This explains why, even among those that offer their services professionally, only a few show the exceptional skills needed to create the “wow” factor. In fact, the majority are likely to have mastered only a percentage of the full potential of the more commonly used graphics programmes such as Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop.

Putting it simply, while most amateurs could easily superimpose some politician’s head upon the image of a donkey, only a professional has the photo editing skills to make it look as if it belongs there. In Pretoria, that brand of professionalism has been the hallmark of one graphic design company for more than 8 years.

PauseBreak has been a driving force behind the marketing campaigns of many prominent businesses in the South African capital and elsewhere around the Gauteng province. The agency’s policy of always putting the needs of its customers before its own combined with its dynamic, innovative and exceptionally talented creative team have seen its print and website designs and photo editing services to clients in the Pretoria area grow both in volume and in reputation.

The internet, perhaps more than any other medium, has provided graphic designers with almost endless opportunities. With many businesses addressing the lucrative online market for the first time, the need for assistance with branding, marketing and other promotional activities in cyberspace is an ongoing one and one that can only be addressed effectively through total professionalism.

The eye-catching designs made possible through artistic flair and extensive photo editing skills can serve to draw the attention of prospects in Pretoria and worldwide if managed efficiently and, commissioning a quality internet presence can be the first step in successfully accessing the world’s largest single marketplace.

It is said that every picture tells a story and, in cyberspace, this is particularly true. The chances of converting your online visitors into prospects can depend very heavily on the first impressions they gain from your site and this is precisely where the skilful melding of creative talent with marketing insight is so essential.

Pausebreak’s exceptional photo editing skills, market knowledge and creative flair form the ideal mix with which to boost your Pretoria business success.