Print Media Advertising Is Alive And Well

For those that thought print media advertising would, with the advent of the internet, be joining the dinosaurs in extinction or, at least, topping the list of endangered species, the reality is clear. Nothing could be further from the truth! It takes only a brief glance around to see that, the choice of newspapers and magazines on the shelves of our supermarkets and newsagents is now greater than ever.

Specialist periodicals covering everything from golf to gardening and motor sport to management skills now carry specialised print media advertising directed very specifically at a growing number of niche markets in attempt to match the targeting abilities of modern electronic media such as email and the internet. Interestingly, a significant number of their publishers also choose to make use of an internet presence so as to also target those who have found the internet to be more convenient for their purposes.

For commuters, perhaps riding the “Gautrain” between Johannesburg and Pretoria, a broadsheet or tabloid offers faster and more reliable access to news and, of course, to any accompanying print media advertising. The chances are that, at the journey’s end, the paper will be returned to a briefcase and consulted again later, perhaps by other family members or even, given to some third party.

Another very significant factor that has helped to maintain the importance of the printed word is that South Africans, along with the citizens of many other countries do not all own computers or have access to the World Wide Web. The large majority of the population, in fact, only have access to print media advertising and to radio. Since neither literacy nor numeracy is an essential qualification for the prospective consumer, the latter also remains an important marketing tool and is much more affordable to many than a television set.

Often, a product or service is in such general demand that there is no need for a precisely targeted campaign. In such cases, a national daily may be a better choice than a local newspaper although the rates for the latter will normally be much lower.

Any viable alternative form of print media advertising would need to allow the same distribution volumes but with far more content and at a price that is still affordable. The answer in such cases is likely to be a flyer. Single or double sided or in Z-fold format, these colourful and informative publications are the perfect means by which to get the maximum amount of relevant information to you prospective clients.

They may be circulated separately and in person if required but it is always far more effective to include this form of print media advertising as an insert in a local or national newspaper with a guaranteed circulation. The post office also offers a service whereby flyers and brochures may be delivered to individual post boxes in selected postal areas.

For a newly launched business that is faced with the task of creating its brand from scratch and establishing its credibility, the most common mistake is to under-budget when catering for its advertising and marketing expenses or, alternatively, to spend too much in the wrong places. For such companies, finding a print media advertising specialist is going to be vital if they are serious about getting the most bang for their buck.

PauseBreak is a Pretoria company with over 8 years of experience in helping, not just small startup companies, but large corporates as well to gain greater visibility and to boost their turnover and profits through a series of carefully tailored marketing campaigns. Although recognising the value of online marketing and exploiting it fully PauseBreak remains equally aware of the valuable role that is played by all forms of print media advertising.

For both online and offline campaigns, PauseBreak is able to assist with the creation of artwork, with taking digital photographs and with the compilation of powerful visual material to meet all of a company’s common requirements from image building to product launches and other special events. The agency’s design team is young and dynamic and its members are totally in tune with both changing trends in the market and the latest developments in technology.

In today’s complex market it has become advisable to operate a multifaceted campaign in which online and offline activities complement one another by appealing to differing demographic sectors.

Print media advertising remains a vital marketing tool and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.