Print Media Company Raising The Bar For Creativity

It is not too hard to find a print media company to run off 10,000 flyers or some letterheads for you, but to find one with the talent and creative skills to launch a new business to stardom or to help you build and sustain your company’s brand is a very different ball game.

While many offer little more than the facility to reproduce the content and imagery provided by a client, others may offer creative services that, all too often, fall far short of the standards that one might expect from a professional print media company.

One such company that operates out of Pretoria has grown to become a shining light within this important support industry. During its eight years of serving other’s businesses, it has shown itself to be highly innovative and natural leader in its field thanks to the efforts of a youthful, dynamic and incredibly talented, creative team with the rare but invaluable ability to think out of the box.

Much of the early and continuing success of PauseBreak as a print media company has stemmed from its insistence on a totally customer-centric policy. Always regarding each client and the requirements of his or her business as being unique has proved to be the key to getting it right every time.

Excellence Through Teamwork

One very commonly quoted proverb states that many hands make light work and, at PauseBreak, it is equally apparent that the many differing thoughts and ideas from the members of the design team result in creative ideas that work also.

As a print media company it has been this team approach that has, over the years, led to so many winning designs not just on paper but in cyberspace also.

All too often, when planning an advertising campaign, a client may tend to identify the lowest price as the best deal while, totally overlooking the need to factor in the potential cost that may result from leads lost as a result of an image that proves to be uninspiring because it actually looks cheap.

A top quality print media company may often charge a little more but, in the case of PauseBreak it would take only a brief glance at the bulging portfolio of satisfied clients to become convinced of the much greater value in their much higher quality product. For an industry leader, no time spent on refining its product is ever considered as time wasted and this is equally true when it comes to service and support.

Building Your Image

In business, the perceived image of your company is vital and a really good print media company will help you to build, revitalize or redirect that image as may be required. For the new startup, this might begin by simply designing a logo and a slogan with the style and quality to reflect perfectly your goals and aspirations as its owner.

Armed with these, the process of building your brand can begin. Business cards for your staff, letterheads, compliment slips, invoices, delivery notes and all of the other stationery items will form the start of that process with the help of a suitable print media company.
With this behind you, the next step is likely to involve some form of promotion to grab the attention your market and, once more, proven skills and experience will prove to be of great importance in the design of your advertising material. From the concept stage and through each of the subsequent steps in its development right through to the final sign off, a truly professional creative team will work closely with you.

Only by gaining a complete understanding of your goals from which to fashion the tools that will best achieve them, does a professional creative team expect to meet your company’s needs; a compelling reason to make PauseBreak your print media company of choice.