Web Design Prices Are Only Justified By Results

Enquiring about web design prices is a lot like asking, “How long is a piece of string?” The answer will depend very much on your precise requirements and the amount of work needed by the designers in order to meet them. As is the case with so many computer and internet related businesses today, the market is crowded with opportunistic amateurs, all hoping to generate an income at a time when formal employment opportunities in South Africa have become rarer than at any time in the past.

Web design prices vary widely and, while some may appear like a bargain when compared with the average, this is a labour intensive field in which a client should normally expect only what he or she has paid for. Cheap sites are generally created using templates. A client may be asked to provide content that will then be inserted into the template of his or her choice with the freedom to change the overall colour scheme and to insert a company logo and, perhaps add a payoff line.

The final web design price will then be based upon the total number of pages created – often just five and consisting of a home page, about us, our products and services, some terms and conditions and a page with contact details.

Today’s website visitors are looking for an interactive experience and this is one of the reasons that social networks and blogs have gained such incredible popularity - Facebook now boasts more than 400 million members. Three components that should never be sacrificed in order to save a few Rands on web design prices are an eye-catching design, some facility for meaningful interaction by the client and lots of relevant and compelling content that is updated regularly.

The design is the first thing a first-time visitor encounters and its quality will reflect directly on the perceived value of your company and its products and services. There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression so it is vital that newcomers to cyberspace choose a design company with their main focus firmly on its abilities rather than on its web design prices.

Although the template touts should be given a wide berth by anyone that is serious about making an online impact, some internet designers, conscious of their client’s budgetary constraints, choose to offer them a range of alternative packages. This allows the smaller startup business, with its limited funds, to enjoy precisely the same quality of service as that extended to the large corporates by ordering only those facilities that it will need during its early developmental stages. Later, as the company grows and web design prices are less of a burden on its budget, these more modest but equally professional sites can be easily upgraded as and when required.

One leader in this field is the Pretoria-based company, PauseBreak. A specialist in online marketing also, they offer a range of 4 packages defined by the number of pages and the various interactive features to be included in each. Don’t allow the term package to conjure up an image of uniformity. Each site that is compiled by its talented creative team, regardless of the web design price charged, is totally unique and purpose-built to reflect the preferred image of the client company and its goals and aspirations.

In order to achieve this, the PauseBreak team must liaise closely with the company so as to fully understand its culture, the nature of its business and the market segment to be targeted. The final product will be a collaborative effort with the best ideas of each team member being incorporated.

All packages include domain registration in addition to the agreed custom layout and even the entry level web design price includes an all-important contact form by which visitors can generate a pre-formatted email message for transmission to a nominated company mailbox.

The packages offered derive their titles from the game of poker, being the “Jack of All Spades”, “Queen of Hearts”, King of Diamonds and “Pair of Aces”. There is no gamble involved, however, when dealing with PauseBreak where the client is always a winner whatever the package or service required.

From the 10 page starter package to the top-end product with 50 pages or more and its packages with a blogging platform built in and a user-friendly contact management system, PauseBreak offers exceptional quality, value for money, a totally customer-focussed service with affordable web design prices.