Choose Your Web Site Design Company With Care

Your internet presence is a valuable asset, so choosing a web site design company is a task that requires some careful thought. It will certainly never be a problem to find someone eager to undertake the job as, this is an industry in which many well-meaning but, sadly, less well qualified amateurs now abound. It seems that almost every unemployed teenager who happens to own a copy of “Dreamweaver for Dummies” has seen this as a heaven-sent career opportunity and, in the process, has done little for the image of the industry as a whole.

Despite all, there are many professional web site design companies, that continue to produce consistently good work and that regularly meet and frequently exceed the most exacting demands of their clients. Such an operation will normally have been established for a number of years and will have accumulated some impressive names in its portfolio.

The Essential Project Steps Explained

Let us examine the process from the perspective of a quality service provider. The first step must be to register a domain name, without which a site cannot go live. Any professional web site design company should undertake this process for the client and, at the same time, some may even advise on the best choice.

While may serve to identify an individual dental practice very precisely indeed, would be guaranteed to attract far more new patients to Dr Smith’s surgery, based on the keywords most commonly used in Google search queries - something the true professional would be quick to point out.

Before proceeding any further it is essential to evaluate the client’s needs in depth. An experienced web site design company would now hold meetings with the client to review all aspects of the business and to determine the company’s values, mission statement and its goals; all of which it will then need to express through the proposed site’s artwork and content. Since each business is unique, its needs too will differ, so no truly professional designer is likely to consider offering any kind of one-size-fits-all solution.

After the initial information-gathering exercise, the creative team will then commence the work of planning the layout. Again, for any web site design company committed to the highest standards, this will be a collaborative process with each member contributing from his or her store of skills and experience to create a composite product in which the whole is then guaranteed to exceed the sum of its parts. This type of teamwork promotes creativity, drives innovation and encourages designers to depart from the traditional norms and think out of the box all of which tend to result in exceptional results.

There is, however, more to the process than artistic flair. Today’s web site design companies have an obligation to ensure that their client’s online image is not only pleasing to the eye but that it also gets the job done. Most often, that job is to promote the company’s goods and services and maybe even to procure orders or sales online.

For that, a site needs traffic and much of it could come from search engines. An essential part of the design process is to ensure that the underlying framework allows easy access to search engine programmes. The skilled web site design company will be aware of this and ensure that all of the site’s pages are readily searchable as well as ensuring that visitors can navigate the site both quickly and intuitively. Nothing is more guaranteed to divert a visitor to a competitor’s site than a design, however appealing, that makes it too difficult to find what he or she is looking for without an instruction manual. 

Static content that is never updated will stop visitors returning so a concerned web site design company should be able to offer a content management system for those that have the time and the skills to maintain their site in-house or the services of a webmaster for those who have neither, as part of  the deal.

One company that has consistently met all of these important criteria for more than 8 years is PauseBreak. Based in Pretoria, it is blessed with a dynamic and talented creative team that is renowned for its innovative thinking and its ability to capture the essence of a company to perfection with its attention-grabbing designs. 

This professional web site design company offers clients a range of quality packages, affordable to large and small companies alike.