The Nature Of Website Branding

Website branding is just as important to a company’s overall image as any of its other marketing activities. A reputation built up, painstakingly, over many years in the real world can easily be weakened or even destroyed if sufficient attention is not paid to a company’s virtual image also.

The web presence should be thought of as a direct extension of the company’s business and its image must therefore reflect all of its core business goals and objectives. In particular, it should be remembered that much of a company’s website branding effort will probably be addressing a mix of both established and previously untapped market segments.

To do so effectively, will require a company to strike a degree of balance between the needs of the traditional customer and those of the modern online shopper. Continuity will be an important factor in retaining the support of the existing client base. They will expect to see the familiar logo and corporate colours that they have learned to associate with a brand and could react negatively to any major changes adopted for website branding purposes. This does not, however, mean that the site should not take advantage of the versatile nature of the new medium by adding some extra elements with a strong visual appeal.

A successful television advert, for instance, can be reproduced on the site so as to extend and perpetuate the land-based campaign. Alternatively, a series of instructional videos with a strong product content could prove very effective in generating a healthy following and provide lots of exposure for the company and its brands.

Getting Started

For the new company, website branding offers a perfect opportunity to establish its brand identity from scratch. Brands take a variety of forms and can be as simple as the name of the company’s founder. Classic examples that have stood the test of time to become household names are Ackermans, Woolworths and Edgars. Acronyms are another popular choice. Who is likely to forget ABSA, CNA or KFC? Sometimes the idea is to select a name that automatically conveys an image such as that of Stallion Tyres, implying both strength and speed.

Part of website branding or, indeed of any form of brand development process is to establish that all-important visual representation of the brand known as the company logo. This is definitely an area in which most companies would be well advised to seek the professional help of a design specialist such as PauseBreak. It is often quite embarrassing to witness some of the efforts of the well-meaning amateur artists that are hoping to save their fledgling companies a few Rand. Sadly these attempts at economy could prove quite costly to their images.

In fact, website branding in general is probably best left to those that possess the numerous creative skills and marketing experience that are so essential to developing a unique yet representative corporate image. The internet opens up endless possibilities for both designers and developers not just to build a brand but, through the various interactive resources that they are able to add to a client’s site, to drive its online sales success also.

There are probably as many amateur web designers as there are pirate copies of Dreamweaver but a company’s website branding is too important to its future success to be treated lightly. PauseBreak has over 8 years of solid experience in all aspects of web design and online marketing and treat each new client’s business with the same care and attention that it gives to its own. As a totally customer-centric operation, the client’s needs are it main consideration and, prior to any new project, these are carefully determined in close consultation with the client. The professional designer knows that corporate visual imagery used in website branding must accurately reflect the company’s culture and its business objectives. By ensuring that they portray unified goals, both the company’s internet presence and its real-world image can act to strengthen one another.

In some cases a company may wish to use its virtual presence to attract alternative markets and the inclusion of content that has direct appeal to those segments can make this possible. Again, this is where the support of an agency such as PauseBreak, that has undertaken this task so often and so successfully, could prove to be invaluable.

Online success can be within the reach of any business, given the right products, the right attitudes and the right company to drive its website branding.