Setting High Standards For Website Design In Pretoria

The overall quality of any website design, whether in Pretoria or Potchefstroom, is an important factor in determining its success. Not only is the site’s visual appeal important for capturing a visitor’s initial attention, but the ease with which those visitors can then navigate between the site’s component pages and the relevance of their content are every bit as vital in ensuring that the initial interest is maintained.

An internet presence can no longer be considered as a mere nice-to-have. Instead, it has become a powerful marketing tool with a world-wide reach. Website design companies in Pretoria and elsewhere are now tasked with designing sites that perform far more functions than merely providing a company’s contact details.

Advances in browser technology and the hypertext markup language (HTML) that defines the appearance and performance of a web page have led to a whole new range of possibilities and few site owners today are happy to display pages with little more than static content, however informative it may be. Today’s web surfer wants an interactive experience that only a professional website design company such as Pretoria’s PauseBreak has the skills and knowledge to deliver effectively.

With 8 years in which to hone those skills and to develop an in-depth knowledge of the needs of companies of all types and sizes, PauseBreak is perfectly positioned to handle each and every requirement of your site’s construction.

Designing with Purpose

Modern thinking advocates a strict alignment and sharing of the goals and objectives of an internet presence with those of its company in order to reinforce them and all website designs created by PauseBreak for its Pretoria clients adhere strictly to this important business principle.

Whether a company’s intention is to procure direct sales of its revolutionary new widgets online or to elicit enquiries about its discounted insurance deals, your site must be optimised with this goal in mind. The layout of the copy and its content must lead the viewer naturally to a commitment, further motivated and directed by suitably enticing imagery which may include animations and even video footage with soundtrack.

Keeping in Touch

The science of web design has advanced considerably. In Pretoria and all over South Africa, the expectations of clients have grown in parallel and many development companies are no longer sufficiently au fait with the new internet technologies to serve their clients effectively.

For the team at PauseBreak, keeping up with the latest trends is a daily routine. In their ongoing quest to remain the best, their youthful enthusiasm and innovative ideas places them close to the limits of cyberspace and right at the cutting edge of web design technology.

Numerous Pretoria companies have already benefitted from the team’s exceptional creative skills. Their client base which include everything from flooring and insulation specialists to hospitality providers and used car sales, all have sites they can be proud of and that convey a clear and unequivocal message of superior quality products and services to their clients. ¬†As a result these sites have also provided a significant additional contribution to their turnovers and profits.
Rather than a simple extension to a conventional business, advanced web designs from this Pretoria company could allow a business to operate virtually as a completely self-sustaining entity, managing its sales, its marketing, its accounting and even third party shipping from a few gigabytes of disc space on a secure web server.

The lower operating costs allow virtual companies to be very price competitive and the last few years have seen many land based operations becoming increasingly dependent on the World Wide Web for new business. While some companies have now abandoned their high street presence, still others are launching their new ventures directly in cyberspace.

The internet is poised to change the face of business forever making an effective web design in Pretoria more important than a company.