Reinvent Your Business – Hire A Website Design Studio

The market is changing and an innovative website design studio may be just what your company needs to prepare it to meet those changes. Studies have shown that, in the United States last year, over 70% of consumers aged between 18 and 54, used the internet to make purchases and even many of the country’s older citizens sought product or service information before making their offline purchases. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that if you are serious about business you better get serious about your internet image.

Any reputable website design studio will be aware that South Africans are quick to follow US trends and will also be quick to point out that any effective corporate web presence must offer far more than a brief history of the company and a few contact details if it is to compete in the virtual world. The internet is not just a gigantic telephone directory but, a powerful promotional tool with a global reach that operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

It is the job of a professional website design studio to ensure that the image that your site will present to the online prospect inspires the kind of trust and confidence that promotes him or her to become your customer and not merely a window shopper even if the final purchase is made offline.

It is a fact of life that we are all highly influenced by appearances and anyone that has spent time in a little random web surfing will confirm that an eye-catching page almost always encourages closer inspection. Professional website design studios capitalise on this fact and will spend a lot of time and effort in creating a strong visual appeal for its clients’ sites.

Having attracted a prospect’s attention, the next step must be to retain his or her interest. Ultimately, it is the written content that will achieve this but its effectiveness may also be enhanced through the design. For instance, a short video with an appealing sound track can add far more impact to a special offer than simply displaying the legend – “Up to 50% off”.

Most website design studios will recommend that businesses make use of a professional copywriter to provide the compelling content that is needed to arouse the desires of prospects and motivate them to buy. In some cases they may be able to provide such services in-house or perhaps through a sister company.

To a large extent, the internet has made shoppers far more aware of alternatives and that has made it correspondingly more difficult to develop and to retain brand loyalty. The experienced website design studio knows that an established presence on the high street is not an automatic guarantee of online success, but that experience will have also generated the skills and knowledge needed to build an effective image in cyberspace.

It appears likely that the number of registered domains is now approaching half a billion so how will anyone spot your site among so many? There are, of course, numerous online directories with which a site can be registered, but much of your traffic could come via search engines. A reputable website design studio will know this and make at least some basic provision to facilitate searches of your site.

It’s all about the structure or coding that defines the layout. It is commonly referred to as the site’s architecture and close attention to it is vital in order to ensure that it, in no way, obstructs access by the search engine programmes that index a site’s content. This, together with strict adherence to file and image-naming conventions and correct population of Meta tags should be undertaken by a website design studio as part of a basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy.
Although, this is a vital preliminary, only a far more complete SEO service can offer the means to fully boost the ranking of a site on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This is something the designers may be qualified to do or, again, it may offer the service through a sister company.

Businesses in Pretoria have access to one of the industry’s leading lights. PauseBreak has been making waves in this specialist field for several years and many Gauteng businesses have established a strong online presence with the aid of this company’s talented and knowledgeable creative team. This website design studio offers all you need for less than you might expect.