What Is The Nature And Value Of Print Media?

In this electronic age, people will often ask, “What is the value of print media”? To answer this question, one must first understand its nature. Firstly, it is highly accessible. Newspapers and magazines, for instance, provide breaking and established news respectively and where they score over their electronic counterparts is in their ease of accessibility. To get the results of yesterday’s rugby game, one is unlikely to need anything more complicated than a pair of spectacles when consulting a newspaper and, despite the hopes of “Dell” and “Hewlett Packard”, most readers still do not own a laptop.

What is best about print media though, is perhaps its direct relevance to most readers. A local newspaper will always carry content that is predominantly local and only the most significant national and international stories are normally included. Sports results will relate mainly to local games and much of the advertising content will promote local businesses and thus be relevant to local consumers.

Many publications, such as angling and pop music magazines, appeal to specific niche groups and present an ideal shop window for targeting that particular market segment.

Understanding what is the attraction of print media, is something that is often very difficult for those that believe so strongly in the supremacy of cyberspace. While both of these media share the common goal of providing information, they still tend to address differing needs. An advertising flyer, for instance, can be read and stuffed into a pocket for future reference if it is of interest to the reader or discarded if it isn’t. A similar advert on a website requires that one memorises its address to view it again.

Eco warriors may ask, “…what is the point of print media other than to destroy trees”? They will then, of course, seek to have their arguments published in as many national newspapers as possible! It is, of course, equally true, that the cost to the ecology of sustaining the various electronic media is the depletion of the planet’s non-renewable resources.

The power of the written word is indisputable. Quite apart from being more tangible, statements that are seen in writing also tend to seen as having far more credibility than the spoken word.What is print media? Simply put, it is a versatile, easily accessible and still very popular means of conveying a written message to a mass audience. To the business owner, it offers a relatively inexpensive means of promoting his or her products and services and has been used for centuries, eventually resulting in the birth of a multi-billion dollar advertising industry.

Modern marketing companies such as PauseBreak understand that both virtual and printed material play an important role in promoting a company’s image and its products and services. Experience has taught them what is best conveyed by print media and what may be better entrusted to the internet. In fact, much of the decision making depends upon the market segment that is to be targeted.

Young people today, for instance, are much less inclined to buy newspapers with their written adverts and far more likely to window shop and eventually to make their purchases online. Among this group there is now a growing tendency to access the internet via a mobile phone which, unlike a laptop, is never far from their grasp.

While many younger, professionals tend to learn what is in the news both from print media and by browsing a variety of online publications, many of the more senior members of society still have a strong tendency to  favour the more traditional means of communication. They may have embraced cell phones, but use them to talk rather than to browse the web and will still get most of their information from newspapers while most still remain reluctant to make purchases via the internet.

Despite the current status quo, trends have a habit of changing with the passage of time and with the maturing of attitudes. As a result, it takes an innovative marketing company with its finger constantly on the pulse of technology to predict the patterns of future media use. Experience and strong creative skills are particularly vital when attempting to raise the public awareness of any company, large or small.

However, what is most important in a print media company has got to be its track record, and PauseBreak’s many successes and growing portfolio of satisfied clients have served to identify it clearly as the agency of choice.