PauseBreak Media - Creative Process

1. Source

Every client is unique and needs a custom solution. If you're a start-up business, you probably need a corporate identity.

Typically, we'd gather around a table and brainstorm ideas and options on how to reach your target market, and focus on the message you would like to relay to your visitors.

We would need all possible content from the client, so we can build a wireframe and sitemap of the pages that are going to be present, this will also give us an idea of the work involved, to give you the client an accurate quote or estimate.

2. Design

Our designer will then take the website brief and convert it into a graphical interface, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate - keeping in mind that businesses are constantly evolving - so it must be easy to update and alter if need be.

We will also source stock photography if necessary to enhance the layout and give the client a modern edge. We do encourage clients to provide as much imagery as possible - this usually gives the site a more local, and legit feel - especially for our corporate South African businesses that need a variety of races displayed.

3. Build

Once the design has been revised & signed off by the client - we would then start the building phase. The layout will be sliced and put together using the latest coding techniques.

By using the latest elements & styling attributes, you can assure your website is ready for any future online marketing strategies. We will also ensure your website is well structured and should any out-sourced developers ever need to work on the site - they will know exactly where everything is! (You can thank us later - neat code is a lifesaver!)

Should you require a Content Management System such as Wordpress - it will also be implemented as this stage of development & custom update features will be put in place.

4. Populate

So, all templates are in place, and have been approved by the client - that means we're ready for the population phase. Here, we take all provided content and insert it into the relevant pages according to the approved navigation structure.

All pages are also linked and imagery is optimized for fast download speeds. We also setup your contact form & sitemap, and any other fine print that might be needed (copyrights, privacy policies, terms and conditions, etc).

We also include once-off Search Engine Optimization, where we add some titles and meta-tags - just so your site is off to a good start - however we would recommend that once the site is live you consult with an certified SEO company who can offer you a monthly marketing package.

5. Take Live

All content is in place, the site is looking good and running at optimal performance! All that's left is to place it live on the net.

After a thorough spell-check, and a few billion 'check-overs' - we then download a back up of your old site (if applicable) and upload your news pages - making a safe transition from old to new.

And that's it! Your site is live!

If you need any updates you know where to find us, and we can either offer you a web master package or just update on the fly - the choice is yours - but we do BEG you to update and use your website to market your business. There really is nothing worse than logging on to a site that was last updated in April 2009!